Lean Hardware Strategy Lets Kickstarter Breakout Nomiku ‘In-Shore’ Manufacturing Back To The U.S.

Silicon Valley is synonymous to technology not only to establish giants of the trade but also to start-ups. Start-ups were not anymore a conjecture rather it is borne-out of endless ideas of the ever changing landscape of the world we live in.


In the 1980s, Silicon Valley’s hardware elite began outsourcing much of the semiconductor and hardware manufacturing work that gave the region its name to Asia.

But now that the economics of hardware startups have fundamentally changed with new ways to test consumer interest and get feedback through platforms like Kickstarter, some startups are finding that it’s easier to build products locally because the design-and-testing cycles are much tighter.

One example is Nomiku, an immersion circulator that lets amateur chefs use the high-brow technique of sous vide in their home kitchens. When Nomiku built its original prototypes, the trio of founders behind the company had to decamp for Shenzhen for several months to learn how to maneuver through suppliers there with hardware accelerator HXLR8R.

Now with the second version, they’re bent on manufacturing Nomikus locally with current partner Studio Fathom out of Oakland.

“We can iterate much faster here,” said…

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